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Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried nude in Dear John
Dear John (2010)
Amanda runs up to her man and leaps into his arms, wrapping her lovely legs around him as they kiss passionately. Luckily for us her jeans slip down as she does this and her ass crack is just visible. Sexy!

Amanda Seyfried naked in Chloe
Chloe (2009)
Hot young babe Amanda shares an erotic lesbian love scene with Julianne Moore as the red-headed MILF is enticed into bed by Amanda. We see her fully nude in a mirror before the two naughty girls lez it up with the highlight being a close up of Amanda sensuously kissing Julianne’s bare breasts.

Amanda Seyfried topless in Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog (2006)
Amanda and an equally gorgeous gal pal are drunk and decide to go skinny dipping in a pool late at night. There’s a long shot of her diving naked into the water and her ass and tits can be seen from afar.