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Amber Heard

Amber Heard nude in The InformersThe Informers (2009)
Sexy Amber gets it on with two guys at the same time in this hot threesome scene. Her firm, nubile breasts are fondled and kissed by the lucky dudes as she kisses and fucks them in turn while a jealous geek looks on, pretending to read a book while watching jealously.

Amber Heard breasts in The JonesesThe Joneses (2009)
Amber drops her robe revealing a lovely ass and snuggles up to David Duchovny in bed. She nuzzles his ear before Demi Moore bursts in and drags her out of the room naked. She storms off and Demi catches up with her on the stairs, where they argue with Amber’s tits on display for everyone to see as first her brother, then Duchovny join in the heated discussion.

Amber Heard naked in Friday Night LightsFriday Night Lights (2004)
Hot Amber gets it on with her football loving guy as they make out nude on the couch. The action is fast and good looks at Amber are fleeting, but her boobs and nipples are seen from time to time in this decent sex scene.