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Anna Faris

Anna Faris naked in The House BunnyThe House Bunny (2008)

Not one for doing much nudity, the best look at Anna’s tight little body came in this scene where she exits the shower in a sorority house and drops her towel leaving her totally naked. The only thing is, it’s shot from behind so while we get a terrific look at her ass, there’s not pussy or breast peeks.

Anna Faris nude in Smiley FaceSmiley Face (2007)

As Anna falls over, her jeans slip down and there’s some brief ass to be seen. It’s not much, but Ms Faris is quite stingy with her onscreen nude flashes.

Anna Faris shows her ass in Scary MovieScary Movie (2000)

In this silly scene, Anna is propelled upwards onto the ceiling as her boyfriend ejaculates, such is the force of his orgasm. We get a nice look at her blurry butt as she shoots off him.