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Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin nude in True BloodTrue Blood (2008)

After years of keeping her lovely body covered up in all her film and television roles, Anna finally unleashed her perky boobs and luscious ass in the cult vampire series True Blood. And once she started, she couldn’t stop. She’s bared her breasts many times in the show and this is the scene that started it all off – a dimly lit but very erotic love scene with her vampire lover.

Anna Paquin naked in True BloodTrue Blood (2008)

The director did us proud by zooming right in on Anna’s jugs, giving us a delicious close up of her wonderful tits as she has a post-fuck chat with a vampire, played by British actor Stephen Moyer. Co-star Moyer became so enamored with Anna that they are now married in real life despite her being much younger than him. Well played sir.