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Bai Ling

Bai Ling nude in EdmondEdmond (2005)
William H Macy inserts his ten dollar note into her booth and peep show girl Bai Ling starts to do a sexy dance for him. Wearing a teeny weeny orange bikini, she firstly whips off her top unveiling her small, pert breasts, before giving him a sexy show that unfortunately sees her bottoms stay on.

Bai Ling shows breasts in Shanghai BabyShanghai Baby (2007)
Luke Goss (formerly of 80s British boy band Bros) is the lucky guy who gets to lay a naked Bai down on his bed and kiss and fondle her breasts — paying particular attention to her massive erect nipples — before he ventures further south. There we are treated to a nice view of Bai’s pussy as Luke gives her some oral lovin’.

Bai Ling showers naked in The CrowThe Crow (1994)
In her first nude role, hot Chinese beauty Bai showed her lovely butt while standing nude under the shower and allowing the warm water to caress her firm body. Lucky water.