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Beau Garrett

Beau Garrett naked in TuristasTuristas (2006)
Beau is on the beach when she discovers she forgot to pack her bikini top. She is debating going topless to the delight of two male friends with her, but her boyfriend is not too keen on the idea and won’t let her. In the end she settles for wearing a t-shirt, but she needs to take off her dress to put it on and displays her breasts for a couple of seconds as she does so. The guys loved the quick flash they got, but her boyfriend was not very impressed. What a naughty girl!

Beau Garrett nude in EntourageEntourage (2004)
Beautiful Beau takes off her robe and slips into a swimming pool completely naked, capturing the attention of a guy she was just talking to. Her back is to the camera so there’s no pussy shot for us unfortunately, but her lovely ass is there to be admired before it disappears underwater.