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Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci nude in After LifeAfter.Life (2009)
Playing a dead woman who comes back to life in the mortuary, Christina has many nude scenes in this movie as she spends a lot of her time supposedly dead (and naked) on a mortuary slab. This scene sees her boyfriend trying to get in to see her in the mortuary while Christina waits for him inside. She’s completely naked but has been made up to appear dead, so her skin is blue-ish, but there are several long, close-up looks at her breasts and butt.

Christina Ricci naked in Black Snake MoanBlack Snake Moan (2007)
A very drunk Christina gets taken advantage of as her and a group of friends play a midnight game of football. Wearing only panties and some shoulder pads which barely hide her tits, Christina wanders off for a timeout as she’s feeling sick and about to pass out. But one of the guys follows her and fucks her while she’s barely conscious before returning to the game.

Christina Ricci topless in Prozac NationProzac Nation (2001)
Christina is sitting completely nude on her bed when mom Jessica Lange bursts in, opens the drapes and insists she gets dressed. All the while the camera is on Christina, showing her well-lit boobs and a hint of hairy pussy as she just sits there staring into space. You’ll also be staring — right at her topless, sexy body.