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Denise Richards

Denise Richards nude in Wild ThingsWild Things (1998)
The movie that catapulted Denise onto Hollywood’s A-List for a while is a sexy thriller which features that infamous threesome between Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell (who sadly remains fully clothed throughout) and Denise.

It starts with Neve and Denise indulging in some lesbian lovin’ as they kiss and fondle each other before Matt comes across to get involved. Pretty soon Denise has her top off and the camera hones in on her big fake tits. Then Matt pours champagne over them and licks it off before fucking her proverbial brains out.

Denise Richards naked in It's ComplicatedDenise Richards: It’s Complicated (2008)
In order to kick-start her ailing career, Denise was the subject of a short-lived reality series focusing on her private life with Charlie Sheen and her struggle to bring up her kids.

In this particular scene she is having a vacation in Hawaii and decides on some topless sunbathing. Not because some gratuitous nudity would boost ratings you understand, just because she felt like whipping her top off in front of the cameras as one would.