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Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley nude in ShowGirlsShowgirls (1995)
Liz was naked in this notorious movie many times, but her best moment came when she gave luck Kyle McLachlan the lap dance of his life, rubbing her breasts in his face and then grinding her bare ass in his crotch. All this just seconds after performing a naked pole dance on stage with the gorgeous Rena Riffel.

Elizabeth Berkley breasts in Any Given SundayAny Given Sunday (1999)
After a heavy sex session with Al Pacino, Elizabeth relaxes in bed topless while Pacino turns on the TV. As she talks about the show they’re watching, her bare breasts and long legs are visible before she gets up (giving us an even better view) and slips on a robe.

Elizabeth Berkley naked in Moving MalcolmMoving Malcolm (2003)
She walks into a room wearing just a robe and pulls it apart quickly, flashing her melons at a guy who turns away immediately. What’s the matter with you dude, those are nice boobies!