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Eva Green

Eva Green nude in The DreamersThe Dreamers (2003)
There are tons of nude scenes in this erotic arthouse flick, most of them featuring the lovely Eva. This one sees her lying nude on the floor with her pussy and breasts visible, as a naked guy (don’t look at his butt!) mounts her. He puts his dick inside her which hurts her, but as he finds his rhythm she gets into it and enjoys being fucked.

Eva Green naked in CracksCracks (2009)
The French beauty strips off her clothes in the moonlight as she stands on a pier before diving into the water for a midnight skinny dip. Her friends watch for a while before getting naked themselves and joining her.

Eva Green breasts in CamelotCamelot (2011)
Eva walks into the woods wearing only a transparent dress which doesn’t hide the shape of her magnificent breasts or her dark nipples. Confronted by a snarling wolf, she says some mumbo jumbo to it and takes off the dress, which apparently is supposed to ward off the evil spirit of the wolf. So she ends up standing there naked as the wolf looks on at her big naturals. Weird but hot.