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Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes nude in The SpiritThe Spirit (2008)

Sultry Latin beauty Eva undresses in this dark scene which sees superhero ‘The Spirit’ burst into her room to apprehend her. He does the gentlemanly thing by turning his back as she gets changed, letting her nightwear slip from her shoulders revealing her breasts and butt.

Eva Mendes shows her breasts in We Own the NightWe Own the Night (2007)

Drugged up and lying on a couch wearing only sexy underwear, Eva allows boyfriend Joaquin Phoenix to kiss and grope her, the highlight being when he frees her massive boob from its bra cup and gives her nipple a playful squeeze.

Eva Mendes naked in Training DayTraining Day (2001)

The nude scene which first brought Eva to the world’s attention was this famous one, when Ethan Hawke bursts in on her and Denzel Washington. Gorgeous Eva is sitting completely naked on the bed and even though she’s in the background of the shot, her tits and pussy can be clearly seen.