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Halle Berry

Halle Berry nude in Monsters BallMonsters Ball (2001)
Billy Bob Thornton is the lucky redneck who takes advantage of Halle’s grief at losing her young son when he seduces the vulnerable hot mom. They have awkward, rough sex on his sofa as she pulls out her breasts and thrusts them in his face, instructing him to make her feel good. He obliges, pulling off her skirt and panties and fucking her doggy style before she climbs on top of him on the floor and rides his dick to climax. Phew, this is one steamy sex scene.

Halle Berry topless in SwordfishSwordfish (2001)
Rumor has it that Halle got paid a cool quarter of a million dollars extra for a quick flash of her bare breasts in this scene. Trying to shock Hugh Jackman, she lowers the book she’s reading to show that she’s topless and let him gawp at her big black boobs. Niiiice.

Halle Berry naked in Introducing Dorothy DandridgeIntroducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999)
As Halle’s character lies dying on the floor of her bathroom, we can gaze at her curvy butt as she’s totally naked, although unluckily for us she’s face down so there’s no pussy shot to revel in. Still, it’s a fine booty.