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Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray nude in DexterDexter (2007)
Naughty minx Jaime leaves the bathroom door slightly ajar as she undresses before taking a shower, knowing full well that Dexter can see her slim, nude body as he talks on the phone. Jaime’s awesome little tits and pert butt are clearly seen and then there’s more nudity once she’s in the shower, her wet body filling up the screen as Dexter unsurprisingly gets distracted from his conversation.

Jaime Murray naked in SpartacusSpartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011)
British beauty Jaime indulges in a kinky threesome with married couple John Hannah and Lucy Lawless in this spectacularly erotic sex scene. First John and Jaime snog while Lucy strokes her own breasts before joining in the kissing. Then Jamie stands up, revealing her slim nude body including an outstanding bush shot, and pours win over her boobs. This sends John wild with lust and he hungrily sucks and kisses her tits, which in turn makes Lucy wet, so much so that she plays with her huge breasts some more as she strokes her pussy and masturbates. Then an old guy bursts in on them and, after a stunned few seconds as he surveys the orgy in front of him, breaks up the party. Boo!