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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez nude in Money TrainMoney Train (1995)
Cops Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes both have the hots for gorgeous Latin beauty J-Lo, but it’s Wes who bags the girl in this raunchy sex scene. Watch as he fondles her breasts and her nipples grow evermore erect before they make love in a variety of positions. It’s a fast paced scene but there are still some excellent looks at Jen’s tits and ass.

Jennifer Lopez naked in U turnU Turn (1997)
Hot Jennifer flashes back to the time she was forced into some rough sex by a guy who gets on top of her and rams his dick hard inside her, causing her to wince and buck her body. There’s a good look at her boobs as she lies naked and at the mercy to his aggressive fucking. What a shame this was the last nude scene she ever did — it would’ve been good to see more of that curvy body and juicy ass.