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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's butt in The Killer Inside MeThe Killer Inside Me (2010)

Casey Affleck and Jessica enjoy some kinky foreplay as Casey throws the sexy minx onto the bed face down and rips down her pants. Then he spanks her bare ass while she screams and the director helpfully zooms in on a close-up of her tight bare butt.

Jessica Alba nude in The EyeThe Eye (2008)

Poor Jessica is upset as she cowers in the corner of the shower and cries. The frosted glass prevents us getting a really good look at her lovely body, but it’s still a sexy peek at Jessica naked in the shower.

Jessica Alba naked in Into the BlueInto the Blue (2005)

Upon first seeing this clip you may get excited at the sight of Jessica’s nipple, which slips into view underwater as she jumps into a pool. Unfortunately it’s a body-double, but in the absence of any nude scenes which show her breasts clearly we’ll have to use our imagination and pretend it’s her…