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Jessica Pare

Jessica Pare nude in Hot Tub Time MachineHot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Jessica is sitting topless in a hot tub with a black dude who looks uncomfortable with her sexual advances. Erm… sort yourself out dude, a sexy babe with incredibly big breasts is offering it to you on a plate! What a gaylord.

Jessica Pare naked in Lost and DeliriousLost and Delirious (2001)

Piper Perabo is the lucky young lady who gets to make out with Jessica in this dark, moody lesbian sex scene. Piper kisses Jessica’s taut stomach and gropes her huge boobs as they enjoy some girl oon girl lovin’.

Jessica Pare topless in StardomStardom (2000)

A guy is video taping Jessica as she takes a bath, and when she gets out and stands in front of the bathroom mirror completely naked, he is still filming her beautiful ass. Then she sees him in the reflection and swings around angrily, forcing him out of the bathroom, but not before we’ve gotten a great look at her big tits and hairy pussy. Sweeeeeet.