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Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore nude in The End of the AffairThe End of the Affair (1999)
Juliane sits naked on top of Ralph Fiennes as they have sex in this tender love scene. Feast your eyes on her milky breasts as Ralph flips her over and fucks her missionary style and then marvel at the fact she was 39 at the time and still had a great body.

Julianne Moore naked in Boogie NightsBoogie Nights (1997)
Mark Wahlberg stars as the young porn star who is taught how to shoot a porn scene by the experienced Julianne Moore. She peels off her top and allows Marky Mark to nibble her breasts and then fuck her as the cameras roll and porno director Burt Reynolds watches on.

Julianne Moore's breasts in Body of EvidenceBody of Evidence (1993)
Willem Dafoe is the luck guy on top of naked Julianne in this raunchy sex scene. He pumps her hard as she leans back, her bare breasts jiggling and her face a picture of ecstasy. Try to ignore the incidental music of cheesy saxophone as they fuck wildly.