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Julie Benz

Julie Benz naked in Eating Las VegasEating Las Vegas (1997)
In this short film parody of Leaving Las Vegas, Julie takes on Elisabeth Shue’s role and in this famous sex scene she peels off her swimsuit while straddling her lover, exposing her breasts.

Julie Benz having sex in DarkdriveDarkdrive (1996)
Before she was famous Julie appeared in this straight to video movie which is only noteworthy because of this awesome nude scene. Sexy Julie climbs aboard her man’s cock and rides him like a wild banshee while he grabs and gropes her bare tits.

Julie Benz nude in DexterDexter (2008)
Appearing as the title character’s girlfriend (then wife) in the hit TV series, Julie showed a lot of her hot body. She got a boob job in between series and in this lovemaking scene Dexter gets to play with her new puppies.