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Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale nude in UncoveredUncovered (1994)
Kate was only 20 years old and an unknown when she made this movie and the sight of her pert young breasts are a joy to behold.

As she wanders casually around her boyfriend’s apartment wearing only a pair of panties, your focus will be on her bare boobs than what she’s doing. She picks up a few things and then examines a painting hanging on the wall, but really this scene was just an excuse for the director to get a topless shot of Kate in the film.

Kate Beckinsale naked in HauntedHaunted (1995)
Sexy brunette Kate poses nude for her brother to paint her portrait in this scene (I know, posing nude for your brother?!)

Aidan Quinn happens to be walking past outside and notices her sitting their naked so he comes closer to the window for a better look — and who can blame him for being a Peeping Tom and spying on her, she looks hot!