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Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes nude in The GiftThe Gift (2000)
As she argues with hubby Greg Kinnear at night in the woods, Katie provokes him by ripping off her shirt to reveal her fantastic breasts, flaunting her sexuality in his face after he confronts her over her cheating.

Katie Holmes naked in Disturbing BehaviorDisturbing Behavior (1998)
As she makes out with her man in a car, the camera is only supposed to film them from the neck up, but it drifts too far down and Katie’s nipple comes into view very briefly. Oops! Bet she wasn’t happy about that!

Katie Holmes oops in How I Met Your MotherHow I Met Your Mother (2011)
It’s great when accidental nudity sneaks past the censors and this is a perfect example. It’s not a lot, but Katie’s right areola slips out from beneath her daring halloween costume and into the homes of millions of Americans on prime time TV.