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Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook naked in Survival IslandSurvival Island (2004)
A guy chases Kelly out of the sea. As she reaches the shore he throws her to the ground and rips her bikini top off, freeing those massive natural breasts. She shouts “Don’t!” but changes her mind when he kisses her, responding passionately as he tears down her bottoms, pulls his trunks off and sinks his cock into her pussy as the waves lap around them. Sexy stuff, especially if you’re a fan of stacked hotties like Kelly.

Kelly Brook nude in Piranha 3DPiranha 3D (2010)
Kelly and her blonde friend Riley Steele (yes, the porn star) strip off their bikinis underwater and proceed to swim around in nothing but flippers in this long, sensational scene. The camera follows them underwater showing their big boobs, pussies and butts as they touch each others bodies and make out in cinema’s best (and only?) underwater lesbian scene. A truly stunning scene that will have your dick saluting the beautiful body of Kelly Brook.