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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco nude in Idle HandsIdle Hands (1999)
Former Playmate Kelly plays a sexy teen making out with her boyfriend after a Halloween party in this hot scene.

He rips open her bra to free her massive breasts and spends a while groping and kissing them before heading south to lick her pussy. The camera stays focused on Kelly’s chest and we see his hands come up to carry on fondling her lovely round tits as he makes her moan in delight with his obviously rather good cunnilingus skills.

Kelly Monaco naked in Late Last NightLate Last Night (1999)
Emilio Estevez has a dream sequence where he’s fucking an unbelievably gorgeous girl in bed and of course that girl is the unbelievably gorgeous Kelly.

She is topless lying on her back as he kisses her neck and massages those juicy jugs before he wakes with a start as she literally throws him off the bed. Bummer.