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Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston nude in MischiefMischief (1985)
Set in the 1950s, this coming-of-age drama is notable for one thing — Kelly’s first and best nude scene.

A fresh-faced young guy is about to pop his cherry with the gorgeous Mrs Travolta. He strips off his clothes while she slowly undresses, unhooking her bra and allowing him to push it off her shoulders and bring her big breasts into view. The lad inhales sharply when he sees those beautiful puppies and gingerly caresses them, obviously the first time he’s felt a woman’s tits.

Then the hot brunette pulls down her panties, showing her ass, and as she turns to get into bed her hairy bush comes into view and the guy nearly shoots his load there and then upon seeing her pussy!

They make love and there’s even more nudity afterwards as Kelly lies in bed topless and then gets up to get dressed. A long, outstanding scene of an outstandingly sexy babe.

Kelly Preston naked in Secret AdmirerSecret Admirer (1985)
C Thomas Howell is the lucky actor who shared this sex scene with Kelly. Sitting in his car, he gets to watch as Kelly takes off her top in the passenger seat revealing her large boobs, which for some reason causes him to hesitate and look slightly nervous — first time or a bit of a homo perhaps? Finally he pulls himself together and gets it on with the beautiful girl offering herself to him on a plate.