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Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger in The GetawayThe Getaway (1994)
Sexy Kim does a long, gratuitous sex scene with then real-life squeeze Alec Baldwin bang in the middle of this silly crime drama.

It’s not something a self-respecting actress would agree to as it showed a lot of her body and was almost softcore porn, graphically depicting Alec giving her oral sex, but Kim was broke at the time having just been successfully sued by the producers of Boxing Helena, the movie from which she withdrew at the last minute despite signing a contract.

It starts in the shower, where Alec joins her and they start to kiss. It moves to the bedroom and Kim’s fake tits and large, erect nipples are shown repeatedly as she engages in wild sex with Alec. It’s so intrusive you almost feel as if you’re spying on their private life, as the camera unashamedly pans up and down Kim’s body and you can almost feel her humiliation at having to do such an explicit love scene.

Kim Basinger in 9 and a half weeks9 1/2 Weeks (1986)
This cult movie put Kim on the map thanks to her partaking in two of cinema’s most erotic sex scenes with Mickey Rourke.

The first comes when he introduces an ice-cube to their sexual play, sensually running it up and down her naked body while the camera follows. The second is some public sex in a deserted subway entrance with the rain trickling sexily onto Kim, making her body wet as Mickey licks her pussy, driving her wild, before fucking her. My description doesn’t do it justice, you have to see this scene to appreciate it.