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Laura Gemser

Laura Gemser nude in Black EmanuelleBlack Emanuelle (1975)
Laura is best known for starring as Emanuelle in the classic softcore porn flicks of the 70s and 80s. This was one of her earliest movies and this scene is typical of the wonderful gratuitous nudity to be seen in all the films.

A totally starkers Laura is having her photo taken outdoors by her lesbian lover Karin Schubert. Only Karin is also completely undressed, wearing only the camera around her neck. Pretty soon she tires of photographing Laura’s sensational body and the two of them abandon the camera and get down to some serious lezzy lovin’ on the dusty ground.

Laura Gemser naked in Emanuelle in AmericaEmanuelle in America (1976)
Wearing only a towel having just exited the shower, Laura takes a fancy to the maid who’s just walked into the hotel room and grabs her, throwing her to the floor and ripping open her uniform.

This being an Emanuelle movie the maid wasn’t wearing any underwear so her breasts and hairy 70s bush are exposed as she struggles against Laura’s horny lesbian advances. Once Laura kisses her though she relents and the two of them get it on, mashing breasts against one another before making love on the floor.