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Laura Ramsey

Laura Ramsey naked in Kill the IrishmanKill the Irishman (2011)
She may be wearing a pair of white grannie panties, but when Laura undoes her robe to show her big natural breasts to some dude, you won’t be looking anywhere else but at that magnificent rack.

Laura Ramsey breasts in SomewhereSomewhere (2010)
Stephen Dorff opens his bedroom door to find sexy Laura waiting for him in bed wearing a sailor’s cap and nothing else. Her lovely tits are visible as he loses his mind and says “It isn’t a good time” before leaving again. I didn’t have you down as a gay boy Stephen!

Laura Ramsey nude in RuinsThe Ruins (2008)
We get to watch luscious Laura getting dressed after a shower in this awesome scene. While her boyfriend natters on boringly, Laura takes off her towel to show her boobs, butt and a quick flash of her pussy before pulling on a bra and panties. But not before some better, closer views of her incredible body.