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Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet sex scene in Angel HeartAngel Heart (1987)
This cult movie features one of the most memorable sex scenes in modern cinema. It really needs to be seen in the context of the film to be understood, but it can be watched just to appreciate how sexy former Cosby Show star Lisa was.

Starting off slow-paced, Mickey Rourke is the lucky guy in bed with naked Lisa, kissing and fondling her breasts before sucking on her long, erect nipples. Water drips from a couple of leaks in the ceiling and before long the water turns into blood and the mood turns more sombre. The music gets darker as the pace quickens, with Mickey fucking Lisa hard in the missionary position, and Lisa’s moans of pleasure turn into howls of pain with Mickey placing his hands around her throat and strangling her.

All of a sudden the music stops, the blood stops and we are returned to normality with Mickey lying exhausted on Lisa’s fantastic, nude body. He gets off her and punches the wall in frustration, angry that he’s unable to control the demons which haunt him.

Lisa Bonet nude in Bank RobberBank Robber (1993)
Lisa lies nude on the bed on her front, allowing us a great look at her peachy ass as her lover Patrick Dempsey walks into the bedroom wearing just a towel. Patrick removes the towel and climbs on top of hot babe Lisa as they proceed to have a steamy sex session. Cue plenty of peeks at Lisa’s small tits and even a flash of bush.

Lisa Bonet naked in Dead ConnectionDead Connection (1994)
The sex scene in this terrible B-movie is the only reason for sitting through this movie given that you’re treated to a good look at Lisa’s smokin’ body. The piece de resistance is the close up shot of her firm breast and erect nipple as she sits on top of her lover’s dick, grinding onto it as they fuck like rabbits in this cool scene.