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Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu naked in City of IndustryCity of Industry (1997)
Lucy steals the show in this crime drama playing a sexy stripper in a nightclub. In one scene she peels off her clothes to reveal a kinky leather S&M outfit while gyrating on stage. Her bra cups are pulled down showing her small Asian tits as Harvey Keitel looks on lustily.

Lucy Liu nude in FlypaperFlypaper (1997)
For some reason Lucy and her lover have been thrown into a pit of snakes and decide they best way to go out is with a bang. So they strip naked and make love as the snakes inch nearer and nearer, climaxing together just as the snakes give them a deadly, poisonous bite. Awwww.

Lucy Liu breasts in Rise: BloodhunterRise: Blood Hunter (2007)
Poor Lucy has been captured by an evil madman and is hanging upside down in a prison cell, suspended from a hook in the ceiling. Luckily for us she’s been stripped nude so we can see her upside down breasts. Then as she’s unhooked we can look at her butt too.