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Maria Bello

Maria Bello sexy in The CoolerThe Cooler (2003)
William H Macy is the lucky guy who is giving oral sex to Maria in this erotic scene. The camera focuses on Maria’s face to start with, but when she climaxes it moves down to where William is lying between her legs, showing her pussy as he moves up her body and kisses her small breasts before they embrace. Awwww.

Maria Bello naked in DuetsDuets (2000)
As pretty Maria gets dressed in a hotel room while chatting to her man, we see her sexy ass as she pulls on some panties, before getting a good look at her tiny tits when the bra goes on.

Maria Bello nude in A History of ViolenceA History of Violence (2005)
Maria walks into her bedroom in an open robe and nothing on underneath, giving hubby Viggo Mortensen a quick look at her little boobs and hairy pussy. A greater, more gratuitous bush shot you will never see.