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Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari nude in American BeautyAmerican Beauty (1999)
Aged just 20, Mena shot to fame playing the Lolita schoolgirl who middle-aged Kevin Spacey develops a crush on. Towards the end of the movie Kevin’s fantasy comes true when he seduces the slim blonde cheerleader, unfastening her shirt as she lays on her back to reveal her firm, nubile breasts. Then Kev gets an attack of conscience and refuses to take her virginity — what a noble fool.

Mena Suvari sex scene in StuckStuck (2007)
Mena sports some crazy cornrows in this film, but you won’t notice in the long sex scene she shares with her big black lover. She rides his black dick all the way to heaven as he reaches up and squeezes her small pert tits as they make frenzied love very loudly.

Mena Suvari naked in The Mysteries of PittsburghThe Mysteries of Pittsburgh (2008)
Sexy slim Mena makes love to her man in various sections of a deserted bookstore in this montage scene. See him give it to her doggy style before she sits on top of his cock with her boobs exposed and rides him like a bucking bronco.