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Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton naked in Closing the RIngClosing the Ring (2007)
An unhappy Mischa is standing naked in her bedroom crying when her boyfriend walks in. We see her ass before she turns around to face him, by which time the camera zooms in on her rack so there’s no pussy shot for us. She tearfully declares her undying love for him as we stare at her pert breasts and nipples. Niiiiice.

Mischa Barton nude in AssassinationAssassination of a High School President (2008)
Mischa is taking a bath with the door open (I assume she thinks she’s alone in the house) when a peeping tom walks up and spies on her, taking in the wonderful sight of her washing her boobs whilst hiding in the shadows. He may be a pervy voyeur but I’d swap places with him all day long.

Mischa Barton lesbian scene in You and IYou and I (2011)
Mischa plays a hot young American woman living in Russia who forms a very close friendship with a local girl. So close in fact that they become lesbian lovers. There’s a sexy lesbian love scene involving Mischa, who then walks naked around her apartment the morning after.