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Misty Mundae

Misty Mundae nude in An Erotic Vampire in ParisAn Erotic Vampire in Paris (2002)
Slim porn star Misty has always been a massive hit with male fans and it’s largely because of movies like this which see her pretty much naked most of the time.

In this scene she’s seduced by evil vampiress Tina Krause who strips Misty of all her clothes, leaving her nude and exposed, before tenderly nibbling and fondling her breasts and pussy in what is basically a softcore lesbian love scene. Misty ends up with vampire bites all over her but ignore those and focus on her pert small breasts and neatly-trimmed bush.

Misty Mundae naked in SpiderBabeSpiderBabe (2003)
This comic-book spoof is another excuse to get Misty undressed and film her fucking lots of men and women (not at the same time, except in one terrific scene!)

In this sex scene she goes at it on the sofa with a hot brunette who spends a long time licking Misty’s pussy before getting the favor returned.