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Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci's pussy in Ultimo CapodannoL’ Ultimo Capodanno (1998)

Italian beauty Monica wanders around her apartment in just her bra, showing off a massive hairy bush and her curvy ass as she looks for something she’s lost.

Monica Bellucci topless in MalenaMalena (2000)

A naughty peeping tom spies on Monica as she washes her breasts in the sink. Check out her big tits as she rubs them with soap and splashes water on them. An incredibly sexy scene.

Monica Bellucci nude in IrreversibleIrreversible (2002)

This controversial movie features a vicious anal rape scene, but this scene show Monica in happier times as she fools around in bed with on-screen lover and off-screen husband Vincent Cassell. See her pussy, butt and boobs before, during and after they make love.

Monica Bellucci naked in La RiffaLa Riffa (1991)

A young Monica lies topless in bed with her man, who seems to be wanting some sex off the nubile hot babe. Monica looks disinterested though and would rather smoke some cigarettes. How’s your luck?!