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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman naked in Eyes Wide ShutEyes Wide Shut (1999)
Nicole is taking off her earrings after a party while standing totally nude in front of a mirror. Her small breasts and fabulous butt are seen as hubby Tom Cruise wanders over and puts the moves on her, squeezing her tit and caressing her body before kissing her passionately and leading her to the bed for some conjugal fun.

Nicole Kidman nude in Billy BathgateBilly Bathgate (1991)
Gangster’s moll Nicole wears just a towel as she stands in front of a three way mirror after a bath and prepares to dress. She discards the towel and we get to see her ass, boobs and a nicely trimmed pussy thanks to the mirrors, before the scene cuts away after a few brief — but amazing — seconds of Nicole’s full frontal nudity.

Nicole Kidman ass in Dead CalmDead Calm (1989)
In an effort to distract baddie Billy Zane she gets him to lower his guard by seducing him. Lying on top of him, she raises her arms so Zane can peel off her shirt giving us a good look at her tiny tits before he roughly rips her shorts and panties off, leaving her nude and exposed as the sight of her pert butt fills the screen.