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Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko nude in The Ring FingerThe Ring Finger (2005)
Gorgeous Ukrainian actress Olga strips completely naked for her boss as they prepare to have some sex at work (which is a little bit creepy as they work in a morgue). The Angelina Jolie lookalike stands exposed wearing only high heels as her boss admires her slim figure. She then lies down on the floor and he does the natural thing — strips off his clothes and lies on top of her, giving the sexy babe a good screwing.

Olga Kurylenko naked in The SerpentLe Serpent (2006)
A determined guy bursts in while Olga’s dressing and pulls open her robe, exposing her big tits, before forcefully kissing her. She responds passionately for a few seconds but then scratches at his neck, drawing blood and causing him to back off. As he does so the director zooms in for a close-up of Olga pulling her robe shut, but not before us lucky viewers got a good eyeful of her perfect boobs.

Olga Kurylenko topless in HitmanHitman (2007)
Sexy Olga wakes up in a hotel room and throw off the covers to reveal she sleeps in just a skimpy, sexy thong. Her breasts are visible for the next minute or so as she walks around the room talking to her boyfriend and smoking a cigarette. Finally, her man spoils our fun by telling her to get dressed.