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Pam Grier

Pam Grier nude in CoffyCoffy (1973)
In her bedroom after a night out, Pam sensuously slips off her red outfit for her watching man to reveal she wasn’t wearing any underwear. There’s a terrific look at her curvy black ass and when she turns round her amazing natural boobs come into view. They must be the most perfect set of big, real jugs ever captured on celluloid — a truly outstanding scene.

Pam Grier naked in Foxy BrownFoxy Brown (1974)
Probably Pam’s most famous role, Foxy Brown was another blaxploitation hit of the 70s and this scene showcased her mammoth tits perfectly.

Tied to a bed by some no-good baddies who ripped open her shirt but left it covering her breasts, Pam senses an opportunity to free herself when she spies a razor blade on the bedside table. She reaches up and leans over to get it between her teeth, but in doing so her huge breasts slip out and her large, brown areolas and nipples are filmed very close-up. Totally gratuitous of course, but totally excellent too.