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Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson nude in Barb WireBarb Wire (1996)
This mega-budget star vehicle for Pamela was really an excuse to film her naked for an hour and a half and charge people 20 bucks to watch it.

Indeed Pamela has her jugs out from the very beginning as she cavorts semi-nude on a trapeze during the opening credits, with her sexy black PVC suit unzipped at the top to allow her fake tits to spill out. The rest of the movie is the same — lots of clips with Pam topless. Pretty brilliant if you ask me.

Pamela Anderson naked in Raw JusticeRaw Justice (1994)
This straight-to-video flop was made before Pamela hit the big time in Baywatch and was subsequently dug up and re-released because of this great scene.

She ducks into a deserted alleyway late at night with David Keith and lets him lift her shirt up to reveal her big breasts, which he grabs and sucks. Then he takes off her skirt and lowers her panties before giving her a good hard fuck against the wall, making sure to pay continued attention to those huge boobs.