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Paz de la Huerta

Paz de la Huerta topless in Nothing PersonalNothing Personal (2009)

Get a good look at hot Paz completely nude as she rides her guy in bed, her breasts jiggling as she gyrates on his very lucky dick.

Paz de la Huerta naked in Enter the VoidEnter the Void (2009)

A stoned Paz enjoys herself as she gets it on with a dyke in this dimly lit lesbian sex scene. Surreally, there’s a crowd watching them, twirling lights as we see Paz’s bush and tits.

Paz de la Huerta nude in The Limits of ControlThe Limits of Control (2009)

For some reason Paz tries to entice a black guy into bed by wearing a totally see through plastic raincoat. There’s a great close up of her boobs and nipples and shots of her ass and bush from further off. A strange but sexy scene to be sure.