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Paz Vega

Paz Vega naked in Sex and LuciaSex and Lucia (2001)
A very drunk Paz is helped onto her bed by her boyfriend after a night out. She is giggly and semi-conscious and completely unable to undress herself, so her dutiful man does the honors. Lifting her top over her head, he unveils her large breasts first before pulling down her pants to leave her lying on her back in just her panties. Then he takes them off too, revealing a hairy bush and the director lingers on her gorgeous nude body for a few seconds before the boyfriend tucks her under the covers.

Paz Vega nude in CarmenCarmen (2003)
Paz lies topless in bed watching her lover get dressed. An argument ensues and she angrily throws the covers off her, revealing her juicy butt as she gets up and pushes him in the chest before flopping back onto the bed and sobbing. He goes to her and tenderly nuzzles her neck as they make up in the best way possible — by having sex.

Paz Vega sex scene in The Other Side of the BedThe Other Side of the Bed (2002)
Sexy Paz removes her shirt and sits in front of her boyfriend on the bed wearing just a white bra and matching knickers. She looks so hot as he fumbles with her bra-hook, eventually getting it off as he starts kissing her back and reaching round to cup her firm breasts. Then she turns around to kiss him back and they roll around on the bed for a while, groping and fondling, before he fucks her. Lucky guy.