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Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz naked in Jamon JamonJamón, jamón (1992)
A young Penelope allows Javier Bardem to take her shirt off and suckle and lick her breasts. He gobbles at them hungrily as the camera zooms in for a close-up, remarking that they “taste like ham”. A strange comment, but then again he’s obviously delirious because he’s kissing the most glorious pair of tits Hollywood’s ever seen.

Penelope Cruz nude in Open Your EyesOpen Your Eyes (1997)
Penny is riding her man in bed and we get a POV shot of her sitting on him, topless with her glorious boobs well-lit and close-up. This scene goes on for over a minute as they talk instead of fuck for some reason, and she’s naked the whole time. A classic nude scene from a hot actress in her prime.

Penelope Cruz topless in ElegyElegy (2008)
She may have been 34 when she filmed this movie, but Penelope still had the looks and body of a woman 10 years younger. Reclining on a sofa, she reluctantly uncovers her breasts so that hubby Ben Kingsley can take some photos of her. He relishes it but she’s not so sure and looks rather sad and vulnerable, almost embarrassed.