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Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz nude in I Want YouI Want You (1998)
This low-budget British indie film, made just before Rachel cracked America and earned herself mega-bucks with The Mummy, provides her finest ever nudity as she reluctantly has sex with unhinged ex-boyfriend Alessandro Nivola.

He forces his way into her apartment, upset their relationship has ended, to find her in her underwear. She sarcastically pulls off her panties, revealing a sexy pussy, taunting him with “Is this what you came for?” When he demands that she tells him she loves him, she refuses and he grabs her by the throat, eventually raping her on the sofa. Poor Rachel, but at least we get to see her bush and ass.

Rachel Weisz naked in Stealing BeautyStealing Beauty (1996)
Because this was for a long time the only nude scene sexy Liv Tyler ever did, it’s often overlooked that Rachel unveiled her beautiful body too.

The scene in question sees Rachel lying topless by the pool, sunbathing as Liv swims over to have a chat. Rachel props herself up on her elbow and although the viewer is supposed to be concentrating on their conversation, you’ll find yourself concentrating on her lovely big breasts. Bond actor Daniel Craig is a lucky man to have married this hot English babe.