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Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan nude in The Doom GenerationThe Doom Generation (1995)

Sexy brunette Rose soaks herself in the bath with her big breasts visible as she sits upright at one end, chatting to her man in the other room. These are the most perfect set of large natural tits you could ever wish to see and it’s a well-lit scene shot quite close-up, so enjoy.

Rose McGowan naked in Going all the WayGoing All the Way (1997)

Hot Rose does a sexy striptease for her man as they prepare to get it on. She stands up and peels off her shirt while her guy sits on the bed entranced. Then she unhooks her bra and lets it fall slowly to the ground, tantalisingly revealing her huge boobs which she grabs and shakes for him.

When she finally joins him on the bed they are horrified to discover he can’t get it up. What?!?! He must be a homo then because Rose looks absolutely stunning and if you can’t get wood for her, you won’t get wood for any woman!