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Roxane Mesquida

Roxane Mesquida naked in Sex is ComedySex Is Comedy (2002)
Hot French babe Roxane spends a great deal of this movie naked, but that’s not surprising as she plays a porn actress.

In this scene she is on set and her co-star has lifted her sexy slip to reveal her hairy pussy and also pulled her straps down so he can suck and grope her breasts as he fucks her. Halfway through it obviously starts hurting Roxane as she starts to whimper, but he carries on fucking her under the orders of the director. Nice.

Roxane Mesquida nude in SheitanSheitan (2006)
Naughty Roxane is having a threesome with two horny guys in this scene. They take a breast each to maul and suck as they fool around on the bed before slutty Roxane lets both of them fuck her in turn.

There are good looks at her beautiful boobs despite the dim light and her ass too later on.