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Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek nude in Ask the DustAsk the Dust (2006)

Mexican Salma persuades a reluctant Colin Farrell to go skinny dipping in the moonlit ocean (Reluctant? What’s wrong with him?!) Eventually he takes his clothes off and joins naked Salma for some salty sex.

Salma Hayek breasts in FridaFrida (2002)

As Salma’s bodycast is removed from her torso, the director orders a close-up of her chest so that her magnificent large boobs fill the screen. Despite them being covered in powder, it’s still a great look at her fabulous natural breasts.

Salma Hayek naked in DesperadoDesperado (1995)

This was the film that made her famous in the US, mainly thanks to this steamy sex scene with Antonio Banderas which showcased the olive-skinned beauty’s great rack, killer body and sexy accent.