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Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone nude in Basic InstinctBasic Instinct (1992)
Probably the most famous nude scene in the history of cinema, Sharon still complains that she was tricked into revealing her pussy by director Paul Verhoeven who assured her that the shadows meant her trimmed bush wouldn’t be visible.

Either way it’s an incredibly erotic moment when femme fatale Sharon uncrosses and crosses her legs under interrogation by the police and makes that fat cop wriggle around in his seat to get a better view.

Sharon Stone naked in The SpecialistThe Specialist (1994)
Sylvester Stallone was the lucky guy who got to share a steamy shower with Sharon in the middle of this blockbuster thriller.

Sharon washes his back while Sly flexes his muscles for the camera before turning his attention to Sharon’s breasts, groping and kissing them as they enjoy some slippery sex under the running water. There are great looks at her tits and ass in this gratuitous but aesthetically pleasing scene.