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Sherilyn Fenn

Sherilyn Fenn nude in Two Moon JunctionTwo Moon Junction (1988)
Beautiful actress Sherilyn found fame playing Audrey in cult TV series Twin Peaks, but before that she made this erotic drama about a middle-class young woman who falls for a bit of rough.

There’s plenty of nudity in it, but the show-stealing scene comes near the end when Sherilyn meets her lover for some naughty sex in an abandoned warehouse. She slips her dress off her shoulders and allows it to fall to the floor, revealing she wasn’t wearing underwear as her nicely trimmed pussy and full, plump breasts come into view. Then she walks towards her man and they make love very tenderly with the camera concentrating on Sherilyn’s great butt and fine figure.

Sherilyn Fenn naked in MeridianMeridian (1990)
This silly, straight-to-video tale of an evil and mysterious vampire has one redeeming feature — Sherilyn nude.

In this scene the vampire carries a drugged Sherilyn to a bed and dumps her on it. She is conscious but groggy as he pulls her pants off and when she tries to sit up he pushes back down. Stroking her lovely legs, he then takes off her sweater and unbuttons her bra, allowing her natural tits to bounce free. He then undresses, positions himself between her legs and fucks her as the camera focuses on her lovely rack and confused face. Naughty, but nice.