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Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller nude in Factory GirlFactory Girl (2006)
Sultry Sienna looks amazing even in the bath as she sits in the tub whilst chatting on the phone to Andy Warhol. It’s a long scene and the camera thankfully keeps Sienna’s cute little breasts in the frame most of the time as she sits up yabbering away.

There are other peeks at her sexy body in a sex scene later in the movie, but this offers the clearest nudity.

Sienna Miller naked in AlfieAlfie (2004)
The movie may have tanked, but Sienna’s career was launched thanks to this awesome scene.

She wants Jude Law to stay with her, so as he makes for the door she blocks his path and opens her robe, revealing two firm, nubile breasts. Jude is sorely tempted (as he was in real life, eventually leaving his wife Sadie Frost for Sienna) and things are not made easier for him when Sadie walks towards the kitchen in just her skimpy thong, knowing the sight of her perfectly toned long legs and amazing ass would have the desired effect on Jude.