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Vera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga nude in Down to the BoneDown to the Bone (2004)
Vera sits naked at a table with her grinning husband, who is no doubt enjoying the sight we are – her cute little tits and sexy body.

Vera Farmiga naked in Never ForeverNever Forever (2007)
Having just had wild and naughty sex with her lover, married Vera lies back in his arms as they talk, allowing us a great opportunity to stare at her beautiful breasts.

Vera Farmiga has sex in In TranzitIn Tranzit (2008)
This long and tender sex scene sees Vera’s man slowly strip off her nightdress, revealing her firm ass and small boobs, before her goes down on her. She lies back in a dreamy state as he kisses and fondles her breasts, sucking her nipple, before heading south to lick her sweet pussy.